Madeline Isakson

Madeline Isakson

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Artist: Madeline Isakson
Title: Glitchware

11" x 6.5"
Sold as a pair*


The two pieces I submitted both fit into the larger theme of my work of exploring the value of discarded and mass-produced objects through material shifts, distortion, and replication. They are both created using a process called photogrammetry, which uses photographs (in this case from my iPhone) to extract three-dimensional measurements from two-dimensional data. Glitchware is made up of two pieces one is the original glass candlestick that I picked up at the thrift store and the second is its modern digital counterpart, which was 3D printed and cast in crystal. Tchotchke Mirror is a scan of thrift store figurines that I digitally manipulated and remade in solid Ash using a CNC machine. The figurines and original glass candlestick are good representations of the ubiquitous and aura-less objects that we are surrounded by. They are soulless decorative objects acquired at the thrift store, but by applying this process of photogrammetry and shifting from physical to digital back to physical the reproduced object becomes distorted in ways that make it more uniquely formed than the original. This process of transformation and mutation starts to create a complicated web of reflexive relationships between an object and itself that I think is really interesting. It creates a sense of placelessness, a sort of liminal psychological space where memories construct and destruct and reassemble into a new object.

CCS Woodshop Technician

Madeline is a Furniture Designer-Maker currently based in Detroit. She received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BFA from California College of the Arts. Her practice is characterized by looking for ways to find beauty, humor and potential in the forms and objects that we consider ubiquitous and mundane.