"Grates III/IV" Limited Edition Print

"Grates III/IV" Limited Edition Print

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Artist: Adrian Wong

Limited Edition Print of the artwork Untitled (Grates III/IV: Golden Electrical Company/Sheng Kung Hui Kei Yan Primary School).

Photographic print

11" x 14" (unframed)

Edition of 50

Note: This print is sold unframed.

The Untitled (Grates) series comprises replicas of grates extracted from various public spaces in Hong Kong and Chinese diaspora communities in various countries.

The works included from this series create juxtapositions between various decorative and architectural patterns from the built world around us. In stark contrast, Wong compares similar design motifs featured in early Taoist texts to patterns found in inauspicious places such as the bottom of a 20-gallon garbage can. While over time, many of these symbols have lost their tether to history, Wong’s layered and complex sculptures simultaneously refer to and break their original contexts.