EARTH LOOPS: Synthesizer Sugar Cookie, Synthesizer Peas, Synthesizer Corn, 2015

EARTH LOOPS: Synthesizer Sugar Cookie, Synthesizer Peas, Synthesizer Corn, 2015

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Artist: Jon Brumit
EARTH LOOPS: Synthesizer Sugar Cookie, Synthesizer Peas, Synthesizer Corn, 2015
Plastic Food Synthesizer & Speaker
(Dimensions variable)

Each EARTH LOOPS set comes with one food synthesizer and one speaker, please specify food preference in the note at checkout.

Jon Brumit’s earliest activities included building humane rabbit traps from scratch, racing wagons, driving a tractor, shooting at birds, eating fried okra and mowing grass. And although he was diagnosed a near-genius at age eight, he went on to complete a life-size model of a Buck Rogers Flight Craft cockpit made entirely of soggy cardboard and, while in seventh grade, was awarded a second place science fair ribbon for his experimentation with types of music found to be most conducive for plant growth (classical! not speed metal despite my wishes).

His earliest dreams of adulthood were to be a race car driver and an inventor, later accomplishing part of this dream by successfully building a 420 cubic foot electric Sound Sandwich. His first art class was as a senior at his second of three different high schools, where he learned to make chains from construction paper. During his second art class at another school he created videos with a Pixl Vision camera and conducted recreational cough syrup experiments on himself before typing class.

Brumit’s first vinyl remix was at age 16 using a Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, and he was once known to play covers of TV shows on a Baldwin Organ. Although he was raised in a loving and caring home and won several skateboard contests, he later found himself taken into custody for driving a borrowed Chevette through lawns in Georgia while on a Cherry 7-Up run and on another occasion had the good fortune of being punched in the face for shooting off fireworks behind a woman at a gas station in Tennessee.

He has composed, conducted, exhibited and or performed as Brasstards, Cat Head Biscuits, Polar Easter Island, Choc Electrique, Boondoggle, Catch and Release, Gown, The Unduane, Jon the Band, Van Boven, Organoff, Sliv & Dulet Enterprises, mattttam-jonnoj, Too Bobs, nprkstra, Everlasting the Way, Brumit, VOMIT, Vol-Mit, DIJON, Van Balgene, Bloom, Neighborhood Public Radio, Von Bunting, The New Bobby Sextet (a solo act with 6 turntables and only BOB records) and occasionally as Jon Brumit. He loves collaborating, making things and listening to a good story

Brumit was featured in Wasserman Projects' inaugural exhibition in the fall of 2015.