The trumpet 2

The trumpet 2

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Artist: Ed Fraga

The trumpet 2, 2020

Ink on arches paper

8.25" x 14.75"

Art is like a talisman and the of act of creating the ritual.

This is something Ed learned early in life. He saw magic in the everyday and making things was a process of discovery. Concepts are the driving force behind much of his art, which involves exhaustive personal investigation into subjects and themes. He often seeks alternative methods, i.e. installations to present ideas. The history of Art plays an important part in Ed’swork, always contextualizing his place as a contemporary with the art of the past.  

Ed Fraga was born in Imlay City, Michigan. In 1980 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University in Detroit. He has exhibited his paintings throughout the Detroit area for the past 40 years.