Rosemary Summers

Rosemary Summers

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Courtesy of The Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club
Artist: Rosemary Summers
Title: Always Thinking
Acrylic on canvas
11" × 14"

Rosemary Messenger Summers was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952. She was reared by her mother and father and the oldest of four siblings. She graduated Kettering High School in 1971. Her art career began in the first grade when she drew a picture of herself and colored it. The teacher stapled it to the bulletin board, and she immediately felt like an artist.

Over the past 50 years, Rose has created murals, taught art therapy classes as a Special Educator, managed art camps for inner city youth, through the auspices of New Detroit Inc., and Operation Get Down and designed a successful line of art jewelry under her business name, The Summers Signature Collection LLC. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in clothing and textiles and received her master's degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University. Ironically, she did not pursue an art curriculum she wanted to be a fashion designer.

In 2019 Rosemary had her first exhibit along with International Artist Paul Goodnight at the Umoja Fine Arts Gallery in Southfield, MI. She recently closed a successful exhibition titled "Blooming in Color" at the Umoja Fine Arts Gallery in 2022. She has a diverse group of collectors in 35 US states including Michigan, New York, Texas, Maryland and North Carolina. Collectors from France, Norway, India and Africa have also invested in her art. Rose has exhibited her work at The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, The Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club, The Kayrod Gallery, Matrix Human Services annual event, The Torch of Wisdom annual event, The Detroit Institute of Arts 30 American Tour, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Carnegie Museum, Palmer Park Art Fair, The Heidelberg Gallery, Detroit Artist Market and the Emerge Art Festival of 2019. 



The Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club started as a weekly conversation between two art lovers over pancakes and eggs. Since then, the breakfast of two has become a dinner of hundreds (pre-pandemic). Harold Braggs and Henry Harper founded the group in 2009. The group meets every Monday at 5 p.m.. Artists, art collectors, and art lovers gather online to discuss, sell, and collect fine art. Anyone and everyone is welcome. To learn more follow the group on Facebook.