Rachel Pontious

Rachel Pontious

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Courtesy Playground Detroit
Artist: Rachel Pontious
Title: Exhaustion
Oil, pencil, and encaustic on panel
24" x 18"

Rachel Pontious is a fine artist based in Detroit, Michigan. She uses paint to explore nonlinear narratives that speak to the ways we relate to one another, to the objects around us, and to the spaces we inhabit. She does this by weaving abstracted and unnavigable spaces with figures and objects of different planes and perspectives. Her work investigates the Venn diagram of what objects we keep close and the personal mythologies that they create, subtle and exaggerated modes of communication (e.g. body language and theatricality), as well as threshold/transitional architectural spaces and portals.

She has a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2017) and Bachelor of Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts (2011). She is a recipient of the PLAYGROUND DETROIT 20/20 Emerging Artists Fellowship award in 2020 and in 2019, she received a Vermont Studio Center Fellowship and Residency. Her work has been exhibited at White Brick Gallery, Tessellate Gallery, Roy G Biv Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art, and Ann Arbor Art Center.


Playground Detroit is an art gallery and creative tales agency whose mission is to create opportunities for artists and creative professionals to support and develop Detroit’s creative economy.