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Loralee Grace

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Artist: Loralee Grace
Title: “Pukaki Portal” Lake Pukaki, Aoraki Ntl Park, New Zealand
with pattern slice inspired by Maori Taniko weavings
Oil painting on Stretched canvas
22" x 28"

Please note: All artworks will remain on display through June 30th in the Main House and Carriage House - after which purchased works will be available for pick up at BasBlue (unless alternate arrangements have been made). For questions contact: info@basblue.us


Throughout her 20s into her early 30s, Loralee Grace repeatedly sold her possessions and leapt into vast unknowns in order to journey through 28 countries on five continents and live abroad. She was driven to expand her mind and build sights, experiences, and depth to draw from in her paintings. Along the way she freelanced as an artist and production designer, painted and sketched continuously, as well as doing street art, murals, fundraiser shows and countless exhibitions in galleries, art studios and museums. 

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1988, she grew up lucky to explore National Parks out west on family camping trips. The varied landscapes and cultures inspired her young artist mind, and made her wonder what was beyond our borders. Her seven large-scale oil paintings for her 2010 BFA thesis at Kendall College of Art & Design focused on environmental concerns, which remain integral to her work.

She has exhibited in galleries from NYC to Chicago, Wellington New Zealand to Iceland, Leipzig Germany to Melbourne Australia, Detroit Michigan, and more. She is currently based in Metro Detroit and thoroughly enjoys the city's vibrant art scene.