Emmy Bright

Emmy Bright

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Courtesy David Klein Gallery
Artist: Emmy Bright
Title: Between Us (In cobalt Blue), 2020
Acrylic ink and tape on paper
38" x 50"
Location: 2nd Fl. 


Emmy Bright produces drawings, prints and performances that explore the problems of empathy and boundaries. Working primarily on paper, she uses drawings and handwritten text to offer the viewer a sense of intimacy. Bright’s work often deals with paradoxes: parts and wholes, aloneness and togetherness, distance and connection. By presenting opposite concepts side by side, she draws attention to how they connect and intermingle; one cannot exist without the other. In her recent body of work, Bright works with strong variegated fields of color that are cut and reassembled into something new. What is cut from one panel may reappear in another. This laborious technique involves precise removal and repair- to Bright, the process is deeply symbolic.

Emmy Bright has produced projects and exhibited extensively throughout the United States. She has been awarded fellowships and residencies at Ox-Bow School of Art, Vermont Studio Center, New Urban Arts, Penland School of Crafts, and Haystack School of Crafts. She is an Artist in Residence and Co-Head of Print Media at Cranbrook Academy of Art. In Bloomfield Hills, MI. Bright lives and works in Detroit.  She is represented by David Klein Gallery. 


David Klein Gallery opened in Birmingham, Michigan in 1990 with an exhibition program focusing on contemporary art and Post-War American Art. IN 2015 We opened a second location on Washington Boulevard in downtown Detroit in 2015 devoted to showing the best local and national contemporary art. The scale of architecturally significant  space marked the expansion of the contemporary program and allowed for the production of large-scale exhibitions of painting, sculpture,photography and installation by emerging, mid-career, and established artists.  

Exhibited artists include Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Susan Goethel Campbell, Matthew Hawtin, Lucia Hierro, Scott Hocking, Mario Moore, Carrie Moyer, Brittany Nelson, Marianna Olague, Kelly Reemtsen, Robert Schefman, Lauen Semivan and Rosalind Tallmadge. Recent exhibitions have featured work by Elise Ansel, Al Held, Alex Katz, Ayana V. Jackson, Mario Moore, Hugo McCloud, Kenny Scharf, Richard Serra and Anke Weyer. 

David Klein Gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA).