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Kim Fay

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Artist: Kim Fay
Title: Restoration (diptych)
Acrylic on canvas
40" x 32" 


This series was incited by my father’s death. After his departure, all the color drained out of my life and my work. Painting has always been a refuge, but a life-shattering loss this profound requires intensive treatment and healing. Unwilling to permanently reside in gut-wrenching grief, the year following was one of realignment and discovery on how to navigate a meaningful life without my inspiration and biggest cheerleader. Just as I was emerging from that melancholic landscape, the globe went dark in a viral pandemic. I certainly wasn’t looking to go any deeper. Too much introspection can be as damaging as none at all. However, given that I live alone and my studio is in my home, I was forced further underground. The consequences of these circumstances won’t be fully realized until we’re well past this harsh confinement.

The paintings are abstractions of my mental recordings. Visual expressions of thoughts about life, death and what comes after death. “The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns puzzles the will.” -Hamlet. It’s the best I can do to provide an external illustration of what my heart, mind and soul have been through in the past few years. I am fully aware these displays are, like all other attempts to answer the unanswerable, minimal and incomplete. They are, however, true.

It was through a practice of yoga and meditation I was able to reach a reservoir of unstruck light. Some color began to return to my life and the work. I am still expanding from that place, turning the volume down on despair and returning to hope. This work is an integral component in this process, visually illustrating the inner turbulence as well as moments of illumination and peace.

CCS Adjunct Faculty

Kim Fay has been a working abstract painter for three decades. Her abstractions are included in private collections from auto racing mogul Roger Penske to musical artist Kem. Fay made her curatorial mark through her company, Reel Art Detroit, which provided local art to Hollywood sets including productions from ABC, Warner Bros, Mitch Albom and more. This translated to curating Beaumont Arts for the Spirit Program. She offers her experience as a working artist via classes at CCS and the BBAC. She acts as a liaison to interior designers looking to acquire exceptional work for their patrons which includes personal commissions.

She began writing critically for the now defunct DDEAF magazine followed by Bedrock Detroit's TBD mag, the Jewish News and the Detroit Art Review. Through these publications it came to her attention that too many of Detroit’s artists and exhibition spaces were not finding coverage. This inspired the launch of Real Art Detroit, a digital art review newsletter. In 16 months, this publication is close to 300 subscribers with 500-600+ views per article. She has been picked up by Art Report Today who is not only promoting Real Art Detroit nationally, she has been named their journalist for the Detroit art scene beat.