Judi Bommarito

Judi Bommarito

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Artist: Judi Bommarito
Title:  Jacqueline as Nike
Archival Digital Print mounted on Dibond / White Wood Frame
34" x 30" x 1"

CCS Adjunct Faculty

Judi Bommarito is a Detroit based conceptual visual storyteller and documentary photographer. She has been an adjunct instructor at the College for Creative Studies since 1999, where she also earned her BFA. As a photographer, her work has received numerous awards both nationally and internationally. Her documentary series entitled “The SPACE Between The Cracks” poignantly addresses her mother’s struggle with mental illness and ultimately reveals the universal longing for love and acceptance. This series was featured in a solo exhibition and was included in two group shows entitled "Nature/Nurture" at the Salisbury University Art Galleries and “Here Today” at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. This series has been the recipient of numerous awards, most notably, Grand Prize recognition by juror and American photographer, Mary Ellen Mark. The insight gained from this series became the catalyst for her girl empowerment series entitled “Power Up the Girl.” This conceptual documentary series employs a fine art aesthetic juxtaposed with titles in the imperative which suggest that young girls can and should be pro-active in the direction of their future and that empowerment can be fostered through the honoring of self, the embrace of inner freedom, and the responsibility of being accountable for the impact of one's choices and actions.

"Concealed Reality" includes her explorations of Detroit and documents her observations of beauty, symmetry and color amidst the undertone of abandonment rather than a representation of the decay which is often times depicted in images of Detroit. The buildings serve as a metaphor for the aging body. Judi had taken interest in exploring the visual narrative with the inclusion of photo compositing. The idea of “assembly” offers boundless possibilities. The series “Releasing Jacqueline” explores the "heroine's journey," one that depict hopes, dreams, disappointment and fears. “It is my intent to confront and embrace the darkness in our ever evolving journey.”

Stories have always been a primal form of communication. They are timeless links to ancient traditions, legends, archetypes, myths, and symbols. They connect us to a larger self and universal truths. Judi aspires to fabricate the fictitious narrative as the metaphor for the viewer to contemplate and interpret. Whether documenting a person, building or landscape, Judi’s visual stories articulate a keen awareness to the passage of time and resonates the contemplation of the human condition.