Fox Coyote

Fox Coyote

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Artist: Fox Coyote
Dreamtime Mirror
Mixed media and neon acrylic sheet

9" x 5" x 1"

Woodshop Technician - Crafts

I am an artist currently working and living in Detroit, MI. I earned my BFA back in 2015 from College for Creative Studies with a focus on woodworking and metalworking. When I initially went to college to pursue metal arts but as I progressed through my college years I became open to many other mediums and ways of thinking outside of functionality such as music, sculpture and illustration. In my present work I have been exploring thoughts of human connection and mirroring behavior and selves, how we see each other in each other. The mirror is a very vulnerable place as is deeply connecting with someone along with the space of self reflection. I aim to use color, texture and reflection to create a space that exists between reflection and connection with the self , a deinternalized and distorted view.