Felice Pazner Malkin

Felice Pazner Malkin

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Courtesy of Wasserman Projects
Artist: Felice Pazner Malkin
Title: Flowers, 1983
24.5" x 29.5"

For the past 60 years of her career Pazner Malkin has dealt with everyday subjects, Pazner Malkin, says “...the artist's perception of an external reality [is] transformed by the act of painting into personal experience… This new reality differs from the appearances we encounter outside of the frame of the painting.” 

Pazner Malkin was born in Philadelphia and emigrated to Israel in 1949. She spent a year in Paris, studying at the Sorbonne and, then, in 1953 had her first solo exhibition in Tel Aviv. In 1956, she returned to Paris to study theatrical art and design with Jean-Marie Serreau. Throughout the next three decades, she continued to show her work in both solo and group presentations, including at institutions and cultural spaces in Austin, London, New York, andPhiladelphia. A selection from her extensive series of paintings, Jerusalem People (1975-81) was exhibited at the American Cultural Center in Jerusalem. Pazner Malkin also conceived, researched, and designed the documentary exhibition, Jewish Figurative Art: The First 3,000 Years, which went on display in 1996 atthe Center for Secular Humanist Judaism in Detroit, Michigan. Today, as in the past, Pazner Malkin devotes most of her time to painting in her Jerusalem studio.



Wasserman Projects is a contemporary art space, established in 2012 and housed in a former firehouse in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market since 2015. Wasserman Projects works with artists from across disciplines and around the world to present exhibitions and performances that will spark a discourse on art, but also cultural, social, or political issues, which are particularly active and timely in Detroit. Guided by a spirit of collaboration, Wasserman Projects seeks to facilitate meaningful visual and performing arts experiences, promote creative and economic growth in our community, and help artists bring to fruition new projects that may not otherwise be possible.