Kelly Darke

Kelly Darke

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Courtesy Live Coal Gallery
Artist: Kelly Darke
Title: Flight
Fiber, mounted on wood base
19" diameter
Location: 2nd Fl. 


Imagine a landscape of beautiful blue waters surrounded by sand and grasses… mountains in the distance… and above it all, a bird flying through the sky. Serene. Safe. Free.

Kelly Darke (b. 1973) is a Metro Detroit fiber artist. Darke creates highly textured hand embroidered abstract art using new and recycled material. Her work with texture and color evokes a positive visceral response in the viewer. Prior to working in fibers, Darke created abstract oil paintings with a similar focus on color, texture, and composition.

Darke has written on the therapeutic aspects of art for magazines, an edited book, as well as coauthored a book for art therapy professionals. Creating art and sharing the benefits of art with the community are essential to her work.


Live Coal Gallery, L.L.C. was formed in 2012 by Detroit artist, Yvette Rock. It is a social venture with a mission to transform lives and neighborhoods through art, community development, and education. Its four main initiatives include: The Live Coal Arts Mobile - a traveling mobile that doubles as a gallery, workshop, and interactive play space; the Live Coal Collective - an annually selected group of artists who collaborate with us; The RED - our children’s art museum; and, Detroit rePatched - an arts-infused green space and art hub in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood). Live Coal was a Knight Arts Challenge Detroit winner in 2017 and 2019.