Tall Threaded Vessel (Gold)

Tall Threaded Vessel (Gold)

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Artist: Matthew Kolbrener
Tall Threaded Vessel (Gold), 2022
11" x 4"


Matthew Kolbrener is an emerging and talented Detroit-based lighting designer who has spent the last 10 years honing his glass blowing and steel fabrication skills by studying and working with world-class artists and crafts people from around the globe. 

 Matt's innovative approach to shaping glass, apropos for a Detroit-based maker, has its roots in mass production. He constructs custom-made molds to form hot glass into shapes and colors reminiscent of vintage-era textured glass. 

 From his work and studies at Axiom Glass, Penland School of Crafts, College for Creative Studies (CCS), The Henry Ford Museum, and The Pittsburgh Glass Center, Matt infuses Detroit's rich manufacturing history into an industrial, modern, retro aesthetic all his own.