Carol Reid

Carol Reid

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Artist: Carol Reid
Title: Spring 2019
Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas
24"x 24”

Please note: All artworks will remain on display through June 30th in the Main House and Carriage House - after which purchased works will be available for pick up at BasBlue (unless alternate arrangements have been made). For questions contact:


I am inspired by observations and memories of natural forms of flora, sky, and land, and their relationships.
My paintings express visual fusions of these physical elements of natural landscapes and the emotional elements of my internal landscape.
My aesthetics have been influenced by 20th Century, modern landscape painters including Georgia O Keefe, Arthur Dove, Emily Carr, Lauren Harris, and the Canadian Group of Seven.
I approach a blank canvas like an empty stage, ready to receive dancers, actors, and props. Like a choreographer, I arrange elements of shape, line, and color. Sharing one space, all parts are interdependent. A patch of sky is defined by the contours of surrounding land and flora, while the flora shapes the land it intersects. I strive to express a balance between these elements.
I have been painting since I was very young, and earned a master’s degree in painting from Wayne State University when I was 70. My work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Michigan.