Aaron Deshields

Aaron Deshields

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Artist: Aaron Deshields
Title: Edifice
Cast Bronze

10" x 10" x 6" 

The work that I create explores the intersections of consumption, artifact, infrastructure, and geography. Much of my work is composed of dense industrial materials such as iron, bronze, and concrete. The forms are modeled and impressed with Styrofoam packing waste, simulating the process of fossilization. These impressions act as a physical reminder of the dubious relationship humans have with economies of production and consumption. They are meant to convey a sense of weight and gravity, exploring the boundaries of tension and catastrophe. The distortion of geologic time and anthropological artifact works to create an ambiguity within the work that references a hypothetical past and future. The paradox lies in the waste of the present, something that is very real and tangible, creating an archive of esoteric objects embellished with consumer culture hieroglyphics. Through these material explorations, the celebratory and anthropocentric nature of the monument is drawn into question, shifting to critique and make visible the inequities that exist within the global sphere.

CCS Adjunct Faculty

Aaron Deshields is a sculptor based out of Detroit, MI. He was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He received a BFA in Sculpture from Appalachian State University where he explored various aspects of metalwork including forging, fabrication, and casting.He is currently an MFA candidate at Wayne State University in the Metals department. He has worked as an educator for College for Creative Studies, Touchstone Center for Craft, and Wayne State University.