Cody Norman’s work explores the relationship between chaos and order through the use of digital and analog fabrication processes. His work challenges the viewers’ perceptions of the materials and processes being used. Recently, he has focused on robotic 3D printing and handheld plastic extrusion using post-consumer plastic. Many of his objects could function as furniture or household objects, but could also exist autonomously as sculpture.

Norman’s forms are inspired by natural forces, biomimicry, and sustainability. He designs and builds his own tools such as the handheld plastic extrusion gun, which is used to melt recycled plastic into organic forms resembling trees and coral. The objects resemble nature but have a chaotic and unpredictable materiality, as well as an element of function alluding to “useful” plastic objects. The branches and blossoms of the forms suggest use but the real function of the work is to raise awareness of the materials in our everyday lives. Through his work, Norman hopes to challenge users to rethink their consumption of single-use plastics and their contributions to the waste stream.

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